This classic locket necklace is romantic, heartfelt and meaningful because it comes with a surprise letter inside of the envelope that makes you take your breath away!

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  • Elizabeth Hopper

    "I am completely in love with this beautiful necklace! My boyfriend bought this for me for our anniversary and it is such a head turner. I love the unique design of this piece of jewelry, it is so different than any other jewelry he has bought me!"

  • Pamela Ranger

    "My son bought this for his girlfriend and we love everything about it! It is absolutely adorable. It is so chic and unique, his girlfriend will be so excited when she sees the secret message inside the envelope of the necklace!"

  • Henry Turner

    "I got this for my girlfriend because I wanted to put a lot of effort and let her know that I am always thinking about her. She was super happy when she opened the necklace and saw the Love You message inside, it was so sentimental and made her cry."

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each purchase contain?

1. Gold Necklace

2. Jewelry Box

3. Envelope pendant

4. "Love You" engraved message 

What is the size of the necklace?

The pendant is 13.5mm wide x 20mm tall.

The chain length is 50cm.

What is the material of the necklace?

We manufacture this necklace with stainless steel.

What are the care tips?

1. Store in jewelry box when not wearing

2. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean

3. Clean and dry with soft cloth

Can I purchase more necklaces in different colors?

The most vibrant, classic, chic and most selling out color is our gold necklace so we are not currently offering any other colors at the moment.

Can I engrave something else on the necklace?

Currently, we only offer an engraving of "Love You" as we focus on creating healthy relationships and making the other person feel loved. However, it is possible to go to the local jewelry store to add an additional engraving on the other side of the "Love You" message such as names, anniversary dates, initials and more!